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Vibration at 60 under the seats 94 FWB?

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I feel a vibration at 60 in 2 places. One is the steering wheel has a little shake to it but the other is underneath our seats and you can see it actually shake our legs some. It appears to be the driveshaft but my car has only 24K original miles so that suprises me. Has anyone else had a similiar problem?
It is a 94 FWB.
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If you can't remember anything that was done to the car recently that may have caused this, and you think it could be driveshaft, then you need to get it onto a lift and have the u-joints inspected. If they are ok, other mounts and attachments should be inspected. If nothing is found, the wheels should be re- balanced (a weight could have fallen off). Whoever is doing this work should have road tested the car with you beforehand so that they know what they are looking for. :)
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