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Very unusual problem, perhaps electrical problem

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The last couple of days, my STS has been acting very weird.
1. My rear lights start flashing. It is as if my hazard lights are blinking. It has done this three times. The only was to get it to stop it is to turn the ACC on. Perhaps this is related to number 2.
2. I went to start my car and it died. That has never happened before. I tried again, and it turned over, but then turned off. It turned off as if someone cut the power. For about 3 seconds, all lights and accessories were turned off. Then, the radio turns back on for 5 seconds, and then all power is cut for 2 second. Over and over again. It keeps doing this until I push the "off" of the push button start. I actually pushed it a few times, but I needed to push it when the power was turned on.
I went through this for 20 minutes. I got out, popped the hood, walked around, locked the car, tired everything again.
When trying to use the remote lock/unlock, the car would not respond.
Finally, I got back in and the radio stayed on. I pressed the on button and it was like nothing had ever happened.
The best thing I could compare it to is it was like the car was having a seizure every 5 seconds.
Perhaps this was a weird, once a year fluke. However, it started doing this again at the gas station. Lucky for me, the car corrected itself.
3. I did get a message that said service vehicle soon. However, I did not light up the check engine light. Normally I get a service vehicle soon at 10% oil life, but mine is at 50%. I cannot remember, but does it normally tell us to service vehicle soon at 50% oil life?

So what does everyone think? Anyone experience something similar?
I am bringing it to the dealership soon for something else, but they are not very smart, to put it simply.
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You might have a battery problem. Weird thing like that can happen with a bad battery.
It is not unusual for electronic programs to get corrupted because of some electrical event. I would do a full reset by disconnecting the battery cables from the battery and touching them together.
Get your local indy to do a load test on your battery. When my OEM battery gave shit, it did very very similar things to yours, all random could not figure it out for the life of me. Put a new battery in and everything was fixed from the wierd no starts to wierd flashing lights and random shut offs, all gone. Load test at the indy will be able to tell if the battery can hold its charge under load and provide constant power to power all the electrical items, especially when trying to start etc..
Any aftermarket electronics? The electrical system is really a computer network and cheap electronics can play havoc. I'd go with BarryNS and make sure the battery holds a good charge (free test at Autozone & many similar stores).
My dog steps on the hazard light button everytime he's in the car.
My dog steps on the hazard light button everytime he's in the car.
LOL... so it's not just my gf's brothers dog that seems to gravitate to it every single time.
U let dogs in your STS? AHHHHHHHHHH, no dogs near mine!
U let dogs in your STS? AHHHHHHHHHH, no dogs near mine!
Only that dog.. cause its smaller than a football. My pitbull however would never get put in my car even though she is well behaved.
Only that dog.. cause its smaller than a football. My pitbull however would never get put in my car even though she is well behaved.
I let our two Chows in the STS-V ONCE to go to the vet. They are very well behaved and didn't do any damage to the car, but Chow hair on suede seat inserts is a beeotch to get out. I wasn't too fond of the nose prints on the windows, either.

They always go to the vet in the Silverado now.
I am taking it in to the dealership early next week.
My steering wheel is broken, again.... gezz...
No aftermarket electronics.
However, this morning is started to act like there was going to be a problem. I the gauges reset by themselves 1 second after turning over.
The DIC said "service vehicle soon"
Perhaps it is just the battery. That was replaced 14 months ago. I suppose it is about time for another one.
Only that dog.. cause its smaller than a football. My pitbull however would never get put in my car even though she is well behaved.
Got a pic of your pit?
U let dogs in your STS? AHHHHHHHHHH, no dogs near mine!
My Corgi, Fergus, is a perfect gentleman and my best friend.
I love Corgis -had two of them The Queen's dog, ya know. My current four-legged furry friend only gets in the back seat. He is a 20-pounder, but can still bring in mud and dust. However, he is not allowed and has never been up front. Don't want him learning to drive or learn my bad driving habits. :duck:
Sorry for the loss but I would not blame my dog for it at all.

I have had my pit *posted above* beside many kids, many different people. He used to find this one tiny hole in the fence, I don't even know how his big head fit through the hole but he did. He used to escape, run around the neighborhood jumping with glee wagging his tail. EVERYONE in the neighborhood was shit scared of him except for the 2 kids down 3 doors who loved him. He never hurt, bit, growled at anyone unless I told him. He was a VERY VERY loyal dog and I will forsure get another Pitbull, maybe 2, in the very near future. They are wonderful dogs when trained properly, very good freinds, very good pets, very protective of their territory and house and I will never ever regret standing up for my dog, even if it had legal conseqences against me.
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First.. sorry for the thread jack.


:thehand: This link is for you pit bull lovers. Take a moment, please. :eek:

Don't be ignorant..
I feel sorry for that family.. but there is definitely more to the story than that. First off that is a Pitbull MIX ... who the hell knows what that thing was mixed with or where they got it. Pitbulls are usually & unfortunately mixed with an even more aggressive dog or one that has bully characteristics. For all we know, they could have bought that dog from a guy who breeds specifically for aggression. Just because the two adults never had an issue means nothing. A pure bred Pitbull raised from a puppy and around kids from day one will not be a problem... not a damn chance.. unless it was bred from two extremely prey/human aggressive parents. Its always the "pit mix" , the "adopted pit" or the "neighbors pit" you hear about. It's like saying somone of minority will always be the one to rob you because thats all you hear on your Detroit news. Stop reading/watching that B.S. it'll rot your brain.
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I don't like to count my puppies before they are hatched, but a neighbor of mine has promised me the pick of the litter when he has some baby mini bull terriers. Two months and counting. Wife will shoot me, but....
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