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Very despondant

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I guess I finally have to declare my 1989 DeVille Deceased. :crying: I just bought 4 brand new tires for it, and in the last 2 months have invested almost $1,000.00 in repairs, but to no avail. :crying: It just will not stop overheating. :crying: Can I post here that I will sell the Shop Manual I paid over $100.00 for? I will miss my caddy...I just loved it and felt so good driving it!! [email protected]

Diane :crying:
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For $1000 someone should have been able to diagnose the problem or were they just throwing parts at it?
What did they look for in the cooling system. I just paid 700 dollars getting new heatercore, flush, thermostat, rad cap, etc. and maintenance is expected on any old car.

Where did you go for servicing? It might have been something as simple as a sticking thermostat..
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