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Project Name: Team Heavyweight Racing
Platform: 2010 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan
Achievements: Redline Time Attack 2nd Place – Overall Points ENTRWD Class

Build Concept -
We affectionately call the CTS-V Sedan that has been built for Team Heavyweight Racing the BOR (Bolt on Racer)

Rather than stuffing the car full of big power upgrades D3 and Team Heavyweight Racing decided to focus on efficiency and opted to install the full line of D3 ULTRACOOLERS including the D3 Intercooler, the D3 Competition Radiator, the D3 Transmission Cooler, & the D3 Differential Cooler allowing the sedan to run hard and strong and allowing it to perform without heat soak lap after lap after lap…

A great deal of attention has been given to the Chassis & Suspension tuning of this V Sedan. The D3 Competition Springs, D3 Competition Sway Bars and the D3 Chassis Bracing has been all been installed – when combined with the ALCON Racing 2pc Rotors and Porterfield R4 Brake Pads the CTS-V can dive into the corner and recover from the turns as quickly as cars half its weight!

Power has been upgraded via simple bot on performance products including the D3 Air Intake, D3 Throttle Body, Kooks Headers + Kooks X-Pipe and Corsa Touring Exhaust. Combined with the cooling and efficiency upgrades this car CTS-V can now rocket out of turns and run flat out on the straights with no flow restrictions.

The result is an ultra-competitive CTV-V Sedan that has already placed second in points in the Redline Time Attack in 2010. We look forward to the 2011 Season with Heavyweight Racing!

Suspension / Chassis
* D3 Competition Springs
* D3 Competition Sway Bars
* D3 Chassis Bracing

ULTRACOOLER / Efficiency Upgrades
* D3 Intercooler
* D3 20 Gal/Minute Intercooler Pump Upgrade
* D3 Competition Radiator w/160° Thermostat
* D3 Transmission Cooler w/Setrab Core
* D3 Oil Cooler
* D3 Differential Cooler

* D3 Brake Ducting
* ALCON 2pc ø370 x 34mm Front Rotors
* ALCON 2pc ø365 x 28mm Rear Rotors
* Porterfield R4 Brake Pads (Front + Rear)
* Amsoil Brake Fluid
* D3 Steelflex Brake Lines

Tuning Equipment
* D3 Air Intake
* D3 ø102mm Billet Throttle Body
* Kooks Headers
* Kooks X Pipe
* Kooks Supplemental Mufflers
* Corsa Touring Exhaust
* D3 Performance Tuning
* D3 Transmission Tuning

For more information on this build or other high quality D3 products please visit or call 562-595-8518.

Thank you,

Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac
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