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Valve train noise?

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My car has developed what seems like valve train noise most noticeable above 3.5Krpm and WOT. Ive dont belive it is pipinging because ot the 93octane fuel I use and the Knock sensors the engine use to detect it and retard the ingnition but it sound like it. The noise comes from the middle if the engine compartment towards the rear (ofcouse, Im hearing this as Im in the driver seat). Car has 29K miles and has not been driven hard and it just got an oil change at the dealer (yes, it is up to the mark and Ive got the expected oil pressure, and it is the Mobile1 factory spec), and no mods.

Any Ideas?


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The LS6 is not really prone to valve train failures. Without actually hearing the noise it is really hard to say what it may be. You could have a problem with a lifter or a valve spring... The best thing to do is to get a technician to listen to it when it's doing it...
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