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I recently had my engine rebuilt and here is the mod list

New TSP Torquer V4 Camshaft 231/234, .629/.615, 111 LSA, 109 ICL
New .660" Dual Valve Spring Kit Featuring PAC Valve Springs & PRC Integrated Seat/Seal
New LS-Series Camshaft Lifter Kit (Set of 16 lifters for LS-Series engines) - GM 312.27
New Chromoly Pushrod, Per
New Melling Performance Oil Pump with O-Ring New Coolant Crossover Mounting Gasket
New Crankshaft Bolt (Harmonic Balancer Bolt) New Cam Retainer Bolts (4 Required)
New ARP LS Chevy Cam Bolts (3)
New Rear Main Seal Retainer
Labor Service - Machine shop took off .20" over stock bore. Pistons and piston rings installed are now .20 over stock bore. 0033
Sublet Machine Shop $750.00- New bore .20
Cost includes part cost for Camshaft Bearing Kit
New Piston Ring Set Oversized
New Hypereutectic Flat Pistons - Oversized
New P-Series Rod Bearing Set
New P-Series Main Bearing Set
New Bolt with Ferrule, Engine Connecting Rod Cap

my car was having some power steering pump issues that were noisy and I recently fixed it and now I hear a weird tapping/ticking noise I am assuming is coming from the valve train, could anyone possibly someone who has used any of these parts tell me if I should be concerned I know dual valve springs change the noise of the valves opening and closing but this doesn’t sound normal to me. Thank you in advance also sorry theaudio Quality isn’t great The car is loud and it makes the mic freak out.

These are the videos


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Hard to tell from the video if it's just normal noise or not.. with high lift cam and high capacity springs it will sound like there's 16 sewing machines running in the engine bay, lots of clicking.. But there shouldn't be any one singular tap that is more pronounced than the rest , like an exhaust leak or a piston slap or a single bad lifter would cause.
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