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Value of 100K+ Mileage V

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Hey guys, quick question for you guys. My V has 102,100 miles on it. Do you guys think I could sell it for around 16,500-17,000? I have trouble telling the value of these since they seem to either have really low mileage and go for mid twenties or higher mileage and vary widely; its hard to determine since I think KBB is a lot of crap for the most part. Some quick details:

Ebony interior
100% stock except for 5% tint all around.
No sunroof

The one benefit to the car that offsets its mileage is the GM warranty I have on it that is fully transferable, and good for another 10 months.

Other than that, no issues at all. Drives and rides like it should!

Let me know, because if I can sell it for around that price, I probably will. If not I have about 3.5K to drop on it (that I would have spent on another car) and will build an exhaust, buy coilovers, fab up intake, and I have some favors owed to me in the car world from my time working in aftermarket sales, so I have a ridiculously good quote for a paint job from one of these favors that would cover the whole 9 yards and be an A+ job; I'd black out the whole car, black paint grills, tails, etc etc. I realize that painting a car a different color that is another OEM color lowers value, but if it's not even worth 16.5K, then I guess this car is sticking around for a while.

Let me know if you guys think it could be sold for this much!
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Ebony, no sun roof
68k miles
worth: 12k, dealer trade in
I know damn well they could get more for it if I traded at that price.
Your best choice is to sell it yourself and hope for the best or keep it and mod the hell out of it. My biggest worry is the cost of ownership once the warranty runs out.
I got ours back in Oct 08, it had 60k on it for $17k
i see a few 60k+ cars going in the 17 to 18K range. that will be tough for you but you never know. you may have exactly what someone wants and be closer than the next car with a few less miles and the same money. Try and list it for 16K and you may lose $100 bucks on ebay. If it doesn't sell cash in the favors and make it a garage queen for the most part and bring it out on those perfect weather days
I hate to see these cars go for so little.. When cars reach the 100K mark it really changes the value.. but we all know that.. The car is worth what the market will bring.. I'd say you can sell it for 14 or 15 if you can find the "right" person..

I have an 04 with 86K and I decided to use it as my winter car... and I have a blast driving it.
thanks for the insight guys. the thing is the rear bumper needs to be replaced and repainted. i already bought the new one, and i just dont want to repaint it silver, try to sell the car, be unsuccessful, and then repaint the car black, having lost 300-400 dollars painting the bumper silver the first time. just being cheap.
bump for more insight, making the call on whether to paint he car wednesday
I bought an '04 with 31k on it from a dealer for 18k on December 31, 2008. Thank god I spend an extra 2.6k on a 5 year 48k mile warranty.

I've seen the '04-'05's with under 50k going for between 17k and 20k all day long on ebay. I'd think you'd be able to get 14k if you found someone who didn't care that much about miles. If you repaint it a different color, you may get less because people may think it was wrecked bad.
I bought my V last summer at a dealer auction for 10k. It was towed through and I had to dump about 2k into it to get it running. Just turned over 128k miles and my car runs great! LOVE it! Good luck with yours!
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