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Vacuum To Climate Control

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I've searched old threads and read most of them on why my a/c does not blow out of dash vents. I checked vacuum hoses under the hood and they are all good. I then removed the glove box and checked the door by adjusting temp. up to make heat come on and the door opened and on max cool it closed (or vice versa) it workd good. I read where someone on here had the same problem and his mechanic cut the vacuum hose to the parking brake and plugged it and the a/c started blowing out the dash vents, because it was on the same supply line??? I lost the post and can't find it. Can I unplug the wires and vacuum lines on back of the programmer to check for clogs or something? It is 94 already here and when the a/c blows out on the floor and defroster vents then I just roll the windows down because it doesn't cool the compartment off. It does when it blows through the dash vents, but that is maybe 2 minutes in 6 months.
I have a 87 seville. I love the car and everything works great on it except the a/c
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Pull the vacuum line off of the parking brake vacuum diaphragm and plug it with a piece of tape or a golf tee. Do the vents work know? If so, the parking brake release diaphragm has a leak and needs to be replaced (or leave the line plugged and release the brake manually).
Thanks Ranger I will do it in the morning and let you know what happens. It is 104 degrees out right now.
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