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V8 6 Speed Transmission Vs V6 5 Speed

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I have an 06 SRX V8 with a 5 speed transmission and find it wanting. Does the new 6 speed transmission in the 07 and 08 V8 make a big difference vs old 5 speed in V8 and current 5 speed in V6?

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1 st gear in the 6 speed is significantly deeper than the 5 speed which is much deeper than an old style 4 speed auto.
I think the 4speed was a 3.06, the 5 speed a 3.56, and the 6speed is a 4.06.
So I would think the 6 speed would get off the line quicker(assuming that it starts off in 1st gear.)
Not too mention that second and third are deeper also.
You likely got a 2.8L 210 hp version.
I've had two of them as rental cars and my 4-500lb heavier v6 SRX will smoke the 2.8L in the CTS.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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