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V8 6 Speed Transmission Vs V6 5 Speed

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I have an 06 SRX V8 with a 5 speed transmission and find it wanting. Does the new 6 speed transmission in the 07 and 08 V8 make a big difference vs old 5 speed in V8 and current 5 speed in V6?

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Really doesn't make that much difference, just provides one extra cog and a very slight gearing range difference. Really, for the most part, it wouldn't even be something you'd notice "immediately" back to back.

Mainly because power output is the same, so if you think it's lacking now, you likely wouldn't think any different with a new one--all depends on how it's tuned.
1 st gear in the 6 speed is significantly deeper than the 5 speed which is much deeper than an old style 4 speed auto.
I think the 4speed was a 3.06, the 5 speed a 3.56, and the 6speed is a 4.06.
So I would think the 6 speed would get off the line quicker(assuming that it starts off in 1st gear.)
Not too mention that second and third are deeper also.
Well, there you go!

Like I said, no change in power output, just in how it gets applied to the road--and it should actually be, at least a bit, noticeable.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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