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Seems to me that a complete changeover to an '09 rear cradle assembly is not only very expensive, but also of little interest to CTS-V owners. The CTS-V production numbers are a fraction of Corvette, which in itself is consider quite small. Then, the numbers of those who seriously modify their CTS-Vs is much smaller yet. I suspect that all of them are active members of this forum. All this means is that it is unlikely any vendor is going to spend a lot of R&D money to produce and market this kind of modification.
What does seem more practical and doable is to adopt some of the changes made to the '09 cradle assembly - specifically the half shaft diameter changes. The differences in the '09 half shaft diameters is very important, I think. To really do the job right without a lot of engineering math, one would create two new half shafts using the same material and shaft diameters as the '09s. A less expensive change might be to just change a single half shaft on a V1, but this is more along the line of "Brute Force Engineering." Such a modification would be more reasonably priced, and much more marketable, provided it works.
At the end of the day, I do not think this mod wouild be a complete and total cure to the V1's wheel hop, but no doubt it will help somewhat.
1 - 1 of 156 Posts
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