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V-Wagon tail lites

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Out for drive last nite & saw V wagon in traffic at nite. Tail and brake lites are very destinctive after dark. Looks way-cool. Low&Fast!
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That's the only reason I bought my Vagon. Well, there may have been other reasons, lol. Those lights are quite bright!
^^Have seen the new Escalade tail lights? I was stopped behind one at a light and was nearly blinded by them! 3' tall and about 1,000 (slight exaggeration) LED's on each side.
The tail lights are one of my favorite styling features on my Vagon...
The new Escalade's taillights must have been inspiration from the V Wagon. Only explanation as they look almost identical in shape, form and design. I really like what Cadillac did with the now extinct V Wagon and the new Escalade's rear end treatment. Very distinct! You can't mistake these cars for anything else day or night!
I love the wagon and Escalade taillight set ups as well. Even if someone is playing on their phone behind you there's still no way those taillights don't get their attention
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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