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V Sport engine swap

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I have a 2014 CTSV sport with a blown head gasket. I purchased a another engine from a 2019 V Sport and made the swap. Everything looks normal when turning on the ignition but engine will not turn over or make any sound not even a click. Hitting the start button a second time turns the instrument cluster off but with no Cadillac shutdown logo. I used the harness that was on the donor engine. Should I have used my old harness? Donor engine has 8k on it. I'm 10 days into this and kinda frustrated. Any suggestions, thoughts?
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I used the harness that was on the donor engine. Should I have used my old harness?
General rule for swaps involving similar engines, use the wiring harness that came with the PCM/ECM you are using. Usually, that's the one with the car, not the one on the "new" engine.

If you run into differences in connectors, then further research is needed. Often swapping sensors or parts from the original engine onto the donor engine will work.

Finally, a new "tune" for the original computer might be needed to take full advantage of the upgrade.
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Are you using the PCM that came with the car? Or the PCM from the engine donor? That symptom sounds suspiciously like anti-theft feature. It may be mismatched VINs in the PCM, BCM, and other *CM control modules.
If you're using the PCM that came in the car originally, it shouldn't be anti-theft stuff.

Key on, engine not started, are any codes present? Any clues as to why the computer(s) might be unhappy?
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