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V Sport engine swap

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I have a 2014 CTSV sport with a blown head gasket. I purchased a another engine from a 2019 V Sport and made the swap. Everything looks normal when turning on the ignition but engine will not turn over or make any sound not even a click. Hitting the start button a second time turns the instrument cluster off but with no Cadillac shutdown logo. I used the harness that was on the donor engine. Should I have used my old harness? Donor engine has 8k on it. I'm 10 days into this and kinda frustrated. Any suggestions, thoughts?
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Cool. I'm definitely going to start there on Monday. Thank you.
I have a 14 V Sport and swapped the engine with a 19. Same part number. After the install the engine starts up for a split sec then shuts off. Any ideas/ thoughts? I'm seriously moments away for losing my $hiπ. Thanks in advance.
Yes. Switched back over to the original wiring harness that was in the car and now the car starts up for a split second then shuts off and still can't figure that out.

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I am using the original PCM and other control modules so what you're saying sounds spot on. What do you suggest in this case? Is it possible to flash my original control modules to match the donor engine or can I purchase new gear and start from there or...?
I can't be 100% on that. Other then the codes the vehicle reads after disconnecting the battery.
Any update to share your knowledge with the community? Did you finally resolve it?
YES. I did resolve my issue with the new motor. Turns out that the part number for a 2014 and a 2019 engine may be the same there are subtle differences. The 2014 runs 4,000 psi in the fuel rail and the 2019 runs 6,000 psi. So I needed to purchase an adapter plug for my harness and wire it in. Started right up after that.
I would have to look at the paperwork to be certain. The dealer told me that my current harness was not supplying the correct voltage to my fuel rail to meet the 6,000 psi requirement. No changes to the fuel rail were needed. But it was a basic cut off the old one and wire in the new one.
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