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I bought my V in January last year. It is a 2010 Auotmatic with every option. It is not my daily driver. I drive a GMC Sierra as my daily driver. As far as I know there is only one other V2 up here. A really nice black 2009.

Last year I managed to put 4500 miles on my V in its stock configuration, some road racing involved. 600 of that was in Washinton state when I took delivery in February. Only get to drive it from Late April to Early October due to the snow. Finally picked a shop to work on it up here and in case anyone cares, it is Underground Performance in Anchorage. Nick, the owner, has been very patient with my questions (I really know nothing about the internal combustion engine- the gas pedal is the one on the right) and has spent more time than myself doing research on the car to make sure we do it right.

After 4 months of discussions here is what we decided to do:

Kooks Headers
Kooks Off-Road X Pipe (Catless)
Kooks Sport Exhaust (Fired it today for the first time and it sounds very mean!!)
Lingenfelter Supercharger Upper Pulley
Lingenfelter Supercharger Harmonic Balancer Kit
Lingenfelter Supercharger 10% Overdrive Lower Pulley
Lingenfelter Air Intake
K & N Air Filter and Airbox Mods
Labonte Motor Sports Methanol Injection Kit
D-3 Supercharger Lid Spacer (Just decided to add this yestarday)
Port and polish supercharge assembly and snout
PLX DM100 OBD Multi Function Gauge (Installed in previous location of analog clock)

Nick fired the car up today for the first time since the exhaust system was installed. It gave me goose bumps. Car should be completely done and ready for Dyno by the end of next week. I think Nick will be very disappointed if the car is not somewhere above 750 crank horse. He has been very happy with how easy GM has made it to work on the car and all of the aftermarket parts we picked have bolted on as advertised.

Here is the one problem I have. I have been waiting for the Mickey Thompson Street Radial II's in a 305/35/R19 to be available. They are not going to be available in time for my track day on the 21st of May. Where can I find a set of 18" wheels that are a little wider than stock, front and back, and will bolt on without spacers for around 2000 dollars? I have done exhaustive research on this forum and no one really lays it right out there. I would really like to run a set of BF Goodrich G-Force P315/30/R18 Drag Radials or something very similar. Any help here, dealer or not? Not like I can run down to Tire Rack here in Anchorage.

Thank you in advance for any help!


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Yeah, you sure didn't take the mild route! Good luck with the results. There's plenty of 18" wheels for that cheap here too.
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