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V Exhuast goes on tomorrow!

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I am very happy to say that I got a free V exhaust from 67+05CaddyV. It was in good condition and it will be going on my car tomorrow morning. I hope that I am impressed with the sound, but even more so the look of having chrome tips. I will try my best to put up some sound clips, but I am pretty sure they limit what a new member can do on this page. Wish me luck for tomorrow!
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you will definitely be impressed
be sure to have some pics and let us know how much it runs ya
i cant say it is a big change. Its really a very subtle increase, I like it don't get me wrong but It could be just a tad mor aggressive.

Its a great upgrade though, you might find yourself stomping on it a little more.
Just got the exhaust put on. i am really happy with the deeper sound out the back. It was not as easy as everyone says it is to install it. We have two O2 sensors after the cats which the V exhaust does not have. He had to cut about a foot of the old exhaust weld it into the new exhaust because there are slots that the sensor goes in. So, needless to say it was a little more complex than a simple bolt on and weld. Either way not a big deal but more expensive than we thought. Total came to $140. One question I have is does the exhaust on anyone else lie completely flush with the bumper or does it stick out an inch or so past? I was in a rush to get to work so I will go back so we can try and make it flush with the bumper because it will look more stock than aftermarket.
If you end up wanting a little louder exhuast, you can drill a hole in the mufflers and remove some insulation.
Thats funny you say that because this v exhaust already had someone do that. The guy welded them shut because he thought that it would just rot into a huge hole and eventually sound really terrible.
I called the exhaust shop where I just put on my v exhaust and asked them if there was a way to make the tips flush with the bumper. They told me that it was suppose to stick out past the bumper so that the bumper did not turn brown from the exhaust. Has anyone heard this before or are they just being lazy and do not feel like cutting and re welding?
There is an extra 1" past the bumper, which does not sound like much but really takes away from the clean look of the dual exhaust tips
When I had JUST the v exhaust As you can see in these pics it stuck out beyond my bumper about 1/4". Now I Have magnaflows, and they stick out about 3/4" which i dont mind much at all but each person has their own personal taste. In these pics I had just the V exhaust done and it didnt stick out much at all.


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If you google "CTS V back" or "CTS V exhaust," you'll see some pictures. I think they're all sticking out a little.
Ya I think I over reacted a bit when I saw it for the first time with some big chrome tips on the back. Took a little getting use to but I am very please with how it looks. I appreciate the support. My tips stick out just a little which I noticed every other car with nice tips does the same. I still have my volant intake coming, hopefully it is a good combo!
trying to post a picture of the finished product. Not sure if I did it right.
I failed miserably. The pictures that my blackberry takes are way too big to fit into the max here. Plus the videos that it takes are terrible. So I dont see anything good coming on the thread. I will put 1 picture up in an album, so if you want to see it just go to my profile I guess.
Email the images to your computer, then upload and resize the image on imageshack.
I will take some more on a sunny day.


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The tips is a little out of line. It's a new look, not a bad look. Where did you get the exhaust system?
I got the exhaust from a guy on here for free. What do you mean they are out of line?
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