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uuc install

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ok, my uuc is on the way...I did'nt have to drop the driveshaft for the B and M, why would I for the uuc? Thx
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lasstss said:
Your right, I forgot, you have to pull all of that junk out of the console and remove the other 2 bolts, which are a pain I might add. Personal thing, I didnt want to mess with it in the car.
As you allready did the work, its easy. The UUC stick is pretty much the same, except for the noise.
Dumb question here, but since my UUC is also on the way, it is quieter than the B & M right?


Thx. Gonna reserve some lift time for Saturday - I hate the stock shifter.


That's what I hear. I sat in Reed's car a few weeks ago and just shifted back and forth while parked and it felt great. Can't wait.

I missed out on the group buy (waited too long) and just called them up and ordered direct. They told me that they were out at the moment and were going to start production the next week. That was about three weeks ago and I got notice yesterday that they were shipping.

Skeeter said:
Right, the bushings! I didn't get in on the group buy :(

Is there still a way to get the bushings? I'll get a shifter directly from UUC, or form their dealer here in the SF Bay Area, but who has the bushings aside from the group buy?


James at Lindsay Cadillac (who did the group buy) is getting the bushings. However, I do not know if or how many extra sets he is getting. You may want to contact him to get your name in if he ends up with extras (I did).

1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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