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Using Pandora on the iphone in a 2010 Escalade

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Hello All,

I have been doing some reading about using bluetooth with the iphone and running the pandora app.

Has anyone had sucess with this? I can't find a place that tells you how to do this.

If you have had success I would love to hear how you got it to work.

Thank you.

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The AUX in front of the backseat is nothing but a dumb RCA jack pack. All you need for ANY phone is a simple 1/8" minijack male to RCA Stereo male adapter cord. Radio shack, Target, anybody has these. You will have to control the application FROM the phone though, whereas the lockpick allows you to control Pandora and iPod functions from your steering wheel controls (while also charging the iPod/iPhone) if you have an iDevice. The 30-pin to RCA cable above also allows you output video to a television or any video device, but what you are concerned with is strictly audio.

If you have RSE, you can use this with ANY phone or audio device:

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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