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Used borla exhaust

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I bought a used borla exhaust off of ebay and there are no pipes that connect the center resonator to the cats, aren't there supposed to be some?
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Yes there are. You are the one who beat me on that auction I didn't make it home in time to bid $450. The guy said everything was included except the downpipes from the cat. It should be a direct bolt on to your factory downpipes though..
So I can just cut out my stock down pipes and bolt them on to the borla?
They used to come from Borla with two sets of pipes from the cat to the resonator. One for the manual, and one for the auto, although I'm not sure why they didn't just make one set that fit both. You can cut your stock pipes off of the resonator and use them. For the 3.2, they are 2" diameter, and so is the Borla, all the way to the mufflers.

If that doesn't work, I still have a set for the auto I might let go for cheap, since I installed the set for my manual 5 speed.
I will try the stock ones, by the way odysseus how much for your borla pipes?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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