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Its really easy. You can set it up that all the music is in the main directory, like the hard drive is in the car. I broke mine up into folders by genre. When I plug my USB into the computer (and the car), the main directory is a bunch of folders (Rock, Metal, Rap, Country, Folk, Alternative, etc). I even have a folder named "New" for new songs I just downloaded. Then I just copy and drop each song into whatever folder I want.

In the car, you can select what folder you want to listen to. It will play all the songs in that folder straight through, then go into the next folder. The great thing is its all cross referenced automatically. I can still search by artist and all the songs from that artist come up no matter what folder they're in. Same thing with the album and ALL other meta from ALL the songs of the USB.

Have fun with it!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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