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USB Directories - flat or organized

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My iPod cable apparently has a short in the cable so resorting to a flash drive. My question is "What is the directory structure needed to properly play?" I looked in the manual and it really didn't say.

I have everything set up in folders - for instance, \Celtic\Capecallie\Album where each folder represents an album. If it is a multi-CD album, then I have a folder for each CD. Is this too complicated for the system?

Instead of the arrangement above, should it be in flat folders like \Celtic\(all the music) with each folder a playlist?

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Its really easy. You can set it up that all the music is in the main directory, like the hard drive is in the car. I broke mine up into folders by genre. When I plug my USB into the computer (and the car), the main directory is a bunch of folders (Rock, Metal, Rap, Country, Folk, Alternative, etc). I even have a folder named "New" for new songs I just downloaded. Then I just copy and drop each song into whatever folder I want.

In the car, you can select what folder you want to listen to. It will play all the songs in that folder straight through, then go into the next folder. The great thing is its all cross referenced automatically. I can still search by artist and all the songs from that artist come up no matter what folder they're in. Same thing with the album and ALL other meta from ALL the songs of the USB.

Have fun with it!
OK - it appears that it is flat and limited to a single depth of folders - I can't go into multiple depth of folders for organizing - For instance Celtic\Clannad\Album Each folder is a playlist and all the music is in that folder - is that correct?
You can separate music by folder, but there is a limitation in how many folders the system will recognize. On mine which is version 2.5 it seems to be 250 folders. On my home PC I had my music originally separated by \artist\album but after I copied to a USB drive I went through and renamed these to \artist - album to cut down on the number of folders. This will still allow me to play music using the "Folder" selection in the audio menu, and it keeps songs separated by artist and album. If you lump everything together and choose to play by "Artist" then multiple albums will be combined, and if you play by "Album" well then the list is ordered by album name only.
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