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Urgent help. My car won’t start

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I have 2010 SRX. I received one remote from the dealer when I purchase the vehicle. I bought another one from eBay which was ready to program. I put the original one in the cup holder and used the key in driver side door. I twisted it 5 times and it showed me ready to program key #3.
Since I only have one key, I wanted to delete all the key fob programming and start fresh with the existed one and the one I bought from eBay.
After it showed me ready to program key #3, I pressed the start switch and the car was out of programming and showed “no key detected”
And now when I try to put the original fob in the cup holder and twist the key in driver’s door 5 times, it still shows no key detected.
I’m able to lock and unlock my car with the key but it won’t start. It keeps showing me “key not detected”
Please help. I’m unable to start my car
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i had problems also, try disconnecting he battery for a few minutes and try again
I actually read that online. I’ll have to try that in few days.
It will rain continuously for 2 days in east coast, so can’t go out right now!!
So if you deleted all the keys and exited programming mode this makes snese.
In the owners manual there is a way to reprogram and start without any key being recognized.
It is a different sequence than the five door turns.

Also are you sure you are out of programming mode?
I had a similar issue and I was still in programming mode, even though I swore I wasn't.
I don’t know how to tell if I’m out of programming mode or not. I remember I did press the ignition switch and the display disappeared.
And not when I unlock the car, it shows me error saying “no remote detected”
And I’m not 100% sure on how I deleted the key programming. It didn’t ask or say anything about it. It just did it
I’m gonna try to disconnect the positive terminal for 5 mins and see if it solves the issue or not.
always do the negative.... reduce the chance of short to the body and bad things happening also the cup holder is NOT the correct place RTFM dude

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the good transmitter goes there the new in the secret console place - i did the same mistake

I didn’t do that mistake
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In the video, 0:20 you can see the guy puts the original key fob in the cup holder. That’s what I did too. I saw that video

now the video only shows how to program new Key fob and not how to delete the programming for the already stored key fob.
Thank you, I’ll try that as soon as I can and update the thread :)
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