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36 sq ft of Dynamat Xtreme goes FAST.
Re-did the rear seat, C pillars, and wheel wells. Peeled the back carpeting forward to do more of the floor pan. Redid the front doors. Did the B pillars. Ran out before redoing the trunk :(
Extensively did the rear's my input about subwoofer rattles:
1. The plastic tray holding the trunk light rattles badly. Dynamat it and the deck, then attach it firmly to the deck and jam foam rubber between the 2. it's totally damped now.
2. the XM unit rattles :rolleyes: Dampen it.
3. the driver's side rear seatbelt unit (on the rear deck) rattles, i dampened it but didn't 100% cure it. Don't know how. Its my only rattle now.
Lesson learned: The B pillars are a PAIN to remove, and not worth deadening. The deck needs ALOT of TLC and dampening if you want rattle-free bass. DO IT. Buy more than 36 sq ft, lol.
Hardness rating: 2 (i've done this like 42 times now)
Beers: 3
Hours: 5, no breaks.
Oh and both sail panels are broken again :rolleyes:

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My finger's hurt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm through a little over 50 cu ft of Second Skin now. Don't think I can out do Urb but I'm getting close. I've relocated the trunk light because of the 500/1 going right there. That turned out really well. So far everything is going as planned. Still have a lot of work left. To bad you can't by sound deadening in 2" x 2" strips. That seems to be a lot of what I'm using around the pillars and wheel wells.


Urby maybe you could come a day early to Dallas and do mine as well! I'll buy beer or a bottle of Crown if you want.
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