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Uphostery / Seat Cover vendors for Vintage Cadillacs?

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Hi - My name is Dickson and I'm new to this forum and the Cadillac world. With a buddy I restore vintage cars on the weekend as a hobby. My grandfather was a "Cadillac Man" - and that's what has lead me to my current cars - a 62 Coupe Deville, a 64 Coupe Deville, and a 65 Eldorado Convertible.

The 62 will be put into occasional driver duty by me, the 64 & 65 restored and resold. We're just doing this for fun, so we can't hold on to them all.

Question: Is upholstery / seat covers made for vintage Caddys, or do I need to have custom work done? I'm happy to do so for the rarer 65, but for the 62 and 64 I'd like to find a less expensive option.

Any suggestions? THANKS - Dickson
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If you want factory correct, SMS Fabrics is the only way to fly. Otherwise, any competent upholstery shop should be able to fashion seat covers at a modest cost. Good luck with your restoration!
Thanks 77CDV. So then I take it that nobody manufactures aftermarket replacement Cadillac upholstery - just custom.
There are companies that will sell you new premise upholstery kits. Not sure if all the fabrics are identical to OE like what's available from SMS though. I have a catalog somewhere here. Trying to find it but no luck yet.
I recently had seat upholstery done for our '59 convertible, leather upper surfaces with vinyl trim, just like OEM. The material came from SMS, then dyed to factory correct turquoise and stitched perfectly by Auto Custom Leathers (Jerry Zalucki) of Ludlow, MA., (413) 547-6175. Check out his web site or give him a call, you will love his work.

If you are still looking I used Diane from very knowledgeable and priced well
I've got to ask.... How much is "reasonable"?
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