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Hey everybody,

I hope this is the right place to post, hopefully someone can share some insight into this endeavor I am considering. I have a 2013 XTS Luxury, with the first gen CUE, and only OnStar turn-by-turn navigation. I do not have an OnStar subscription, and I do not have the factory integrated navigation. I am looking to upgrade to a 2.5 HMI module for nav, and I'm considering replacing the radio receiver as well to unlock Android Auto. I am unsure if I have a dedicated nav antenna, or if the OnStar navigation just uses telemetrics and the car did not come equipped with a GPS antenna installed to the HMI.

I have seen available from numerous sources an "upgrade kit," where you purchase a new HMI, receiver and usb ports and send your VIN to them so the hardware can be programmed before shipping out to you. However, these kits are generally in the range of $800-$1300, which is more than I would like to spend for features that while useful, will probably not receive enough use to justify the cost. I do like having as many features as possible, though, so I would like to complete the upgrade.

My question is, if I source the parts myself (HMI, receiver, USB port) and install them, can I program them myself with a Mongoose Pro 2 GM interface and Tis2Web? I have purchased the interface and am just waiting for it to be delivered. Also, if I just replace the HMI with a 2.5 module, would this unlock the factory nav without the Android Auto projection feature? That, plus the increased performance, would be a worthy upgrade by itself without replacing the radio receiver with it. I am replacing my instrument cluster with the full digital display from the Premium/Platinum trim (RPO UDV), and will be completing the install with Tis2Web. I would like to have factory integrated nav since one of the features of this cluster is a map view within the speedometer on one of the selectable display modes.

I have not yet purchased a subscription to Tis2Web, but in my research so far I found this page: TIS which allows you to input your VIN and see the available controller calibration info for the vehicle. Listed are the radio, human interface module, and audio amplifier. Once the part is selected, choose programming and continue, there is a list of part numbers to choose from, then the various functions of the module, and finally a list of the changes/updates. This makes me believe if I replace the parts, I can reprogram them myself the same as will be done with the instrument cluster. I can't find any instances of someone doing this before, so I'm not sure if I am just taking a shot in the dark on this, but I am hesitant buying the parts if they will inevitably be unusable, since once they're installed I likely would not be able to return them.

Another consideration was to purchase a new or used post-2016 HMI and receiver for a different vehicle (Chevy, Buick, GMC) and install/reprogram them. Does anyone have any experience if this can be done? I would think so, as many of the listings I've found list compatibility for multiple brands and models. I am also unsure if I would need to get XTS specific hardware if I do go with a Cadillac part, or if another model like an Escalade, CTS or XT5 would work the same.

In any case, once the interface cable shows up, I still plan on replacing the instrument cluster, and can post a detailed write up in the XTS forum if anyone would be interested in that. I may purchase an HMI if I can find one for a good price, and experiment with it, but before I get ahead of myself I would like to see if any CUE-savvy members can chime in with their experience.

Thank you in advance, and sorry for the long post! I've been brainstorming this for some time now.
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