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Upgraded Brake Package Needed w/ Trailer Brakes

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Greeting! I just got a 07 Lade ESV for my wife. Finally got rid of that gutless Nav we had. I'm excited to be part of Cadi family now. I'm swapping out the stock rims for some 24's today. After reading some threads it appears that a upgraded brake package is recommended when going to 24's, especially if you're going to be pulling anything. We have a 28 ft travel trailer that we plan to pull w/ Lade. Question...Will I need an upgraded brake package even if we have "trailer brakes?"

Thank you for your input. I look forward to being an active participate in the forum and I'll be sure post a pick of the Lade when she gets her new shoes...

Cheers, SnoCat
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Welcome to the Forum, and to Caddy. :) I tow a 26 ft snowmobile trailer, it's about 7000 lbs, usually towing on my 18" winter tires, but have towed with the stock 22's thru the mountains, the stock brakes we ok, if I towed more I would upgrade the brakes, but I still need to be able to put 18's on in the winter.
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