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One week, and 2,922 miles later, the Great American Run has finished. How did our friends Buddy Wentz Jr. and Bud Wentz Sr. do in the XLR-V? Great! Finishing the run in 4th place, with the top 5 vehicles separated by only .45 seconds. Initially the top 5 vehicles all tied for 1st place. It wasn't until the organizers further crunched the numbers that they were able to determine the final standings.

1st Place 600 hp Saleen Mustang
2nd Place "Stock" Z06 Corvette
3rd Place 600 hp Saleen Mustang
4th Place "Stock" Cadillac XLR-V
5th Place Turbo Porsche

Congratulations to Buddy Wentz and his father and a big "Thank You" to all who supported them in their adventure.
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