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upcoming mods...need your thoughts and opinions!

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Hey all, so once it actually starts to get a little warmer and non-snowy here in the DC area I plan on modding my truck quite extensively and wanted to get everyone's thought and opinions.

I am going to get the platinum style wheels in black and plan on getting rid of all the chrome; particularly, I will have the door handles and lower chrome molding on the doors color matched w/my truck (diamond white) and all the other chrome bits and pieces (hood trim, vents, roof rack, window trim, trunk piece where the badge sits, etc) done in black. I will also be adding a black mesh grille.

Since I've found the wheels in both gloss and matte black, I am now trying to decide which ones to get and whether I should plasti-dip the chrome pieces matte (if getting the matte black wheels), or have them painted over gloss black (to match the gloss black wheels). I've talked to my body shop and my buddy who works with several shops and they all said that painting over the chrome will be tedious and very labor intensive (read: expensive) and it may not last. I've also considered the plasti-dip route with their gloss coating over.

Would appreciate any thoughts and insight...thanks, in advance!
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