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Untrustworthy Dealers

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First I would like to say that I've been a fan and supporter of Cadillac since childhood. I've owned and driven only Cadillac's for the last 20 years. I'm a GM shareholder with continued faith in the company and brand.

Recently I experienced a rather unpleasant visit with my local dealership. I normally don't shop at this dealer because of their ongoing negative reputation. However I frequently drive through Cadillac dealers in the area looking for upscale models at the right price. I never buy base model cars.
When I walk into a dealership I've already seen the car I'm interested in and I'm prepared to make a purchase at the right price.

Sometime last week I noticed a car that I was interested in and spoke to the owner of the dealership. I firmly told him that I didn't want the usual dealer games, told him what car I was interested in and went inside. We talked briefly and set up a test drive. When I returned 2 days later for my scheduled test drive the fuel was empty. The salesman instructed me to go anyway but then only let me drive about a 1/4 mile.

Upon returning to the lot he badgered me about putting together a deal. I explained once again that I was interested but there were some details to work out. One of the details was the upgradeability of the OnStar system and of course the price of the car. The salesmen gave me the line about someone else being interested and begged me to leave a deposit to secure the car. So I did.

I also asked the salesmen and the owner of the dealership about the history of the car and they both told me the same lie. The car was purchased and serviced there and it was a one owner car well taken care of. Upon obtaining a CarFax Report on the vehicle I found that the car had actually had 2 owners, was not originally sold there and had an auction record.

We spoke again a day later and the salesmen told me that he didn't have any further information on the car but promised to call me back with details that evening. After not receiving a call that evening or the next day I called the dealership only to find that they had sold the car out from under me even though I had a deposit on the car.
My only assumption is that they're basically selling cars based on a blind auction method playing one customer against another and the buyer with the best offer wins.

I don't expect to be lied to and I don't expect to be treated that way. I will never walk into or consider buying from that dealership again.

Aaron D Lewis
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Your post has no point unless you tell us who the dealer is.
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They have since called me back to tell me the deal fell through and the car is available again.

I intentionally left the name out of the original letter because I wanted a response from GM.
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