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Unstable Engine?

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Just got the Catera from the shop. I had to get an engine swap due to water getting into the engine through the air intake. Got the car and the check engine light is on. The guy checked it out at the shop and it just says that air intake sensor has to be changed... and nothing else. The engine itself runs and drives fine, excpet that it sounds like a tractor, and also when you stand at a red light, the car shakes. What do guys think may be the problem, because I only had for two days, and I am not sure what the problem could be.
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looks like you might have a cylinder misfire. That little intake sensor might actually be the problem- it might not read the airflow correctly. But in that case it should be quite rough while driving once in a while too :hmm:
Plus, mine sounds louder that my mom's :confused:
Went to AutoZone today and used one of their computers to check whats wrong... and its says that there is a cylinder misfire...... so do you really think that the sensor might solve the problem? And how much do those mass air flow sensors cost?
One cylinder miss-fire. Hummm! I'd check your h/v wires/boots. Check the spark plug. Are you getting spark to the plug. Pull the identified miss-fire cylinder spark plug boot. any change in engine idle? Exhaust smell? Could be as simple as a dirty or worn plug.
I changed my spark plugs about a month ago. Got Bosch 4+ platinum. Wires on 1 side have been replaced, but not the other :cookoo: Don't know why :nono: So, the wires on the other side needed to be changed too, but they seemed quite well and I did't want to "waste" $150 :eek: Anyway, while I was changing the plugs, I used som electrical cleaner (which I got from West Marine where I work) and sprayed the wire contacts. It took a lot of $#!t off the wires, I can tell you that much :yup: And you know what, that stuff cleaned them pretty well :2thumbs: and now the engine runs way smoother at idle. By the way, I use a bunch of stuff from West Marine, e.g. plastic polish for headlights and speedometer, chrome polish for wheels, and some other maintenance items. That stuff is stronger that car stuff and gets the job done right. Any further quiestions- let me know :thumbsup: ;)
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did you get the misfire problem fixed becxause i had had the same prob. i suspected the injectors because at first the misfire was sperrattic andthe became constant infact the computerwould infact shut the injector off if i accellerated to hard so as i was driveing i would have to shut the car off and restart the engine and it would be working again. the dealer ohm cheake the injectors and said they were fine but the prob was still there i mad them replace the injectors at warranties expence and the problem was solved.:yup:
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