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Unofficial CTS-V Picture Thread

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Let's see some pictures of these bad boys. I've been looking for pictures, but they are scattered through the forum.

Everyone, post them here!
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My contribution for now:

GM accessory wheels shipped from Lindsay today, so hopefully by the weekend I'll have some pics with new wheels and tires on it.

lasstss - Are those CCW Classics? Whatever they are, the car looks badass!
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Are those the millies on there? what is that floating landing strip back there?
Yup, they're the Mille Miglias. They came on the car, along with Dunlop WinterSport M3s - in August! Hence the GM accessory wheels (shipped by Lindsay yesterday) and new tires (already sitting in my garage waiting for the wheels).

There are actually 2 floating landing strips back there - the SARATOGA (CV-60) and the FORRESTAL (CV-59).

thebigjimsho said:
There. So screw your precious bandwidth...
It has nothing to do with bandwidth. Your comment was referring to pictures in the post immediately before your reply, thus there was no need to quote the pictures. You would have made your point better if you had just posted your smartass comment rather than needlessly repeating what we had already been shown.
A couple of tips, kids.

(1) When you post pictures, please hit ENTER between them so they aren't side-by-side off the screen.

(2) When you want to comment on 1 picture that someone posted, you don't need to quote all 6 or 7 pictures that they posted.
From the first auto-x event of the season, back in the first weekend of April. Mid to upper 40s and wet (gotta love the PacNW). At that point I was still rollin' on my Mille Miglias and Dunlop M3 snows.

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At Oregon Raceway Park last month, Rotas filthy from previous day's track duty:

In Mount Rainier National Park on the way home:
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No, no, noo.... that was on my way home from the track event. That's not my daily commute. :) And I didn't get to see the mountain at all - the clouds were down at about 5000ft or so.
Damn, that is one beautiful shot. Got a high res one you could send me?
Thanks, I surprised even myself with how good that one came out. Unfortunately, looks like I resized all the original pictures from that day, so the only size I've got is the 1280x960.
That's still good if you could send me a copy, that's be great!
The 1280x960 version is the one I posted, so just Right Click - Save As. :thumbsup:

Here's one from a few nights ago after the sun had set behind the Olympic Mountains. Obviously I have no professional lighting equipment - would've been an even cooler shot if the rear of the car was lit up, too.
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I picked up a couple of the billet Al Z06-style LS6 badges off Ebay. 1 red one to go on my STB, and one black one for the rear of the car (in place of the CTS badge). I haven't gotten around to doing the one on the trunk yet, but I installed the one on the STB. Nothing too special, but I think the STB looked bare without the LS6 badge in the middle like the stock one has.

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I picked up a couple of the billet Al Z06-style LS6 badges off Ebay. 1 red one to go on my STB, and one black one for the rear of the car (in place of the CTS badge). I haven't gotten around to doing the one on the trunk yet, but I installed the one on the STB.
Did the emblem on the trunk lid this afternoon. I used fishing line to cut off the CTS badge and some Goo Gone to remove all the adhesive, then cleaned and waxed the area. I then measured the V badge to see how it was positioned - 1-1/4" to the bottom of the badge from the bottom of the trunk lid, and roughly centered between the edge of the trunk and a line extending down from the piece in the middle of the trunk lid. I used some painter's tape to mark the equivalent location on the passenger side for the LS6 badge so I could line it up straight and make it look the same.

With the tape removed:

I like it. I kinda wish I had gone with the red L (like the badge I put on the STB), but the black still looks good.
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Look at me playing dress-up! :p
Looks good, Jim. As stated in the other thread, it'll be interesting to see how it stands up over time.

I'm trying to decide between red or black to go with my redline. I don't think the red will match good, but not sure.
Yeah, I don't think the red on the badges is as deep as Redline. I'd go with black for some contrast.
I'm in WA, but the plates are CT (I'm active duty, home of record is CT).

It's not an OEM part, so no part number to give you. It's a billet aluminum badge that you can get on Ebay (or from the company's website). They're patterned after the original Z06 badges, which had the big 'Z' in the oval and then the smaller '06'. As you can see, they're available in a variety of flavors - LS7, LS3, LS2, LS6, Z51, etc, with different colors available. I didn't think of it at the time, but I suppose I could've done yellow to match the yellow in the V badge. (Actually, now that I look at their website, they offer the LS2 badge in 5 or 6 colors, but the LS6 is only black or red. Huh.)

The emblems are flat, and both locations I mounted them have a bit of curvature to them. I just took the badges and bent them slightly with thumbs and fingers. Not enough you would probably notice it, but when I put them up against the STB and trunk lid, it was easy to see the 3M tape would have better contact than if I had left the emblem as it came.
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A couple from my recent trip across country.

Outside Bryce Canyon National Park:

(Yes, the car was filthy.)

In Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park:

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Yeah, it was pretty mind-boggling.
My latest additions:

Translated, for those who don't recognize them:

All oriented to north, of course, because I was a Navigator on my 2nd sub. :lol:
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A couple from V Day 4. Looking forward to V Day 5 in November!

Leaving TBJS behind :p

Hello, ZR1, could I please to have pass signal at next straightaway, yes?
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Saw this abandoned building about 100yds off VA 360 as I was driving home from VIR earlier today. I always like it when I see pics of a nice, clean, modern car in run-down surroundings, like an old garage or junkyard or something like that, and the building looked like a good opportunity for some pictures of my own like that. But, I was trying to get home, the car was dirty from 2 days on track, I hadn't even peeled the numbers and tech stickers off yet, blah blah blah. I drove a couple more miles down the road, then said Screw it!, turned around and went back. I walked around a bit, just to make sure that it was safe to pull the car in there - didn't want to run over some broken glass or nail or scrap metal or something that would puncture a tire. It all looked good, so I backed in. I only stopped for a few minutes, but I think I got some pretty cool shots.

I just wish I had had the Linea Corse wheels on it, but I had put the Rotas on for the track event so I could run those on track if I needed to (and I did, since it was borderline too cold for R compounds in my first session).

I have all of these pictures in the full 3.5MB resolution if anyone is interested. :)
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And to go along with those, here are a few shots from the track event with the car wearing the new track setup - 18x9" TD wheels with 275/35-18 Hankook Z214s (in the C51/medium compound). I rolled the front fender lips Thursday night and had no rubbing issues at all during the track event. You can see that the shorter sidewall on the R-compounds gives a bit more vertical clearance, which I'm sure helps. I'm at a bit more than -2deg camber front and rear, which also helps.

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Please tell us all about that wheel/tire setup.
I think all the details are in the text above the photos. I got the wheels from Luke @ Lindsay, but you can get them elsewhere. For the past couple months there have been black and silver sets on Ebay for about $1150 shipped.

That is my dream track setup as well, but I figured 265s would be the widest we could run in the front. Any in-depth information on how the slicks performed (turn-in, max grip, etc.) would be much appreciated. I think it's very awesome that you are running this setup. You even have the ability to rotate the tires from front to rear, correct?
My previous setup (245/40 Nitto NT01s on GM Accessory wheels) is almost used up after only 8 days on track, and I figured they were wearing so quickly because the 245s are just too small for a 4000# car. The Bimmer and Porsche guys (and pretty much everyone else, for that matter) are running wider tires on lighter cars. "Learjet" (Bob) had told me at a previous event that he was running 275 Hoosiers up front on the TD wheels, so I knew it was possible. However, he's got stock springs/struts, so I was worried I would get rubbing with my ride height lowered on the KW coilovers. That's why I rolled the front fender lips. The car felt great, and I was definitely carrying more speed through the uphill Esses at VIR and through Hogpen (the final turn complex onto the front straight). I'm not sure how much of the improvement was due to the tires and how much was due to me just being more aggressive in a couple sections, but (based on timing on my wristwatch) I ran as quick as 2:15.xx. The last time I ran the full course a couple months ago I don't think I was even into the 2:teens. I had ordered the same type of tires (Nitto NT01s) in the 275/35, but Discount Tire Direct called me and said they didn't have the Nittos in stock, so they gave me the medium compound Hankooks for the same price. I would guess the Hankooks are stickier than the Nittos, even in the medium compound, but I really don't know.

The wheels and tires are the same all around, so they are rotate-able.

P.S. Why cover up the brake cooling ducts on the bumper?
I have brake ducts running from the stock foglight housings to the spindles, and I was trying to get some comparative rotor temps. That and it was only ~40F, and I've been warned in the past that it's possible to over-cool rotors and cause cracking when it's cold like that.

Also Mike where did you get your fenders rolled? I am looking to start making a serious effort to start driving this car in more performance events and after the last autox the 245's i have up front just arent enough tire.
My name's Pat. :) I rolled the fenders myself. On the passenger side I covered the lip with tape and then used my 3# hammer to fold the lip. That resulted in lots of cracked paint. Oops. So on the driver side I did the wooden baseball bat trick, which worked out pretty well. A couple spots I had to finish up with the 3# hammer, but I don't think I cracked the paint at all.
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