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2010 CTS-V sedan, manual, silver/ebony, airaid, SW catback
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My son who is precocious and rather fond of cars has found a CTS-V unique to his personality. He tells me his V is cooler than mine and has a bigger supercharger. As you can see on the following pictures, you can see he selected a singular color and decal package that you will not find anywhere else. I think he could have saved some money on a vinyl wrap but you know how fickle the young un's are. Had some black plastidip on the front grill and took the badges off. Left only the V's on the sides. The rims are 22" gold chrome plated and have rubber so thin I can't read the sidewall to figure out what brand they are. Given the size, probably Falkens right?

He wanted the ultraview like mine since he likes to look up for airplanes while I drive him around but I told him it was dangerous when he was behind the wheel. He has the stock seats but like dad has the manual transmission. Good boy! He tells me can put 800 RWHP! but he won't show me under the hood. I don't think he can open the hood either though. I did get a chance to look under the car. He has these cool straight pipes from the header to exhaust but it's missing the x-pipe. Not sure I would do that myself but must make for a unique sound. Orange gas tank is a nice touch.

Hope you enjoyed since my 5 year old son does enjoy this car. Happy holidays!


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