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Hello Once Again, I had posted earlier about my "93 DeVille and the problem's I've been having, some of you have answered and I thank you, but as of today the car has been in the shop for a week this is also the 2nd. mechanic and no one can identify the problem. The problem started with a rough idle anytime I used anything electrical in the car. All major components have been changed, plug's wire's fuel filter , air filter, etc. The computer was changed, this didnt help, all wire's going to the computer have been tested, all ground's have been tested, all good.The car starts up fine but the longer you drive it the engine starts to run rough and miss and backfire. If I turn on the lights it idle's even rougher if you turn the lights off it goes back to a smoother idle but that idle is still rough. Like I said no one can find the problem, my mechanic said he is totally baffled. The onboard computer does not kick out any bad code's at all. The vacum line has been checked, the cap and rotor check out fine, the throttle body is good, the intake manifold gasket has been checked, all check out fine. I purchased this car a year ago with 62,000 miles on it and it has been running great up until 3 weeks ago when all this started to happen it seem's right out of no where. Anyone have any idea's or suggestion's? Thank's Russ
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