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Under hood LED light strip

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I purchased a light strip to go under my hood lip but the rubber gasket is there. Has anybody done this or know if it'll damage the gasket/lights. Or should I put it in another location?


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Not sure of the answer but on Facebook, there is a group called XT5 Cadillac Group and there was a post 3 days ago of someone that added it to their XT5 and included an after video. You may want to join that group and look back for a thread titled "So happy finally finished installing my lights" and reach out to that person. Hope this helps.
Thank you. That was actually my post lol. I was helped by a member on that group. :)
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I tried to get a video on here but that's what mine does at start up.

These are silver Holder
1 - 4 of 8 Posts