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ultraview sunroof question

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When my sunroof closes, it goes into reverse when it hits the wind deflector. I had the car in for service several times and the dealer just can't fix it. They always end up cleaning and lubricating the tracks, which doesn't fix the problem. I was wondering if anyone knows what the real issue is, and whether it is something I can take care of on my own? I am under the impression that there is a sensitivity setting for going into reverse, and it is not properly set - meaning it's too sensitive.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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same problem here..sometimes if the wind is blowin and i am trying to close it it will reverse at half way...also, the tailgate will do the same thing...if there is a wind it will not close it goes to half way then opens dealer said that there is no problems that is the way they are made...i really wish i knew about these issues before i bought,,,2900 miles and i am nav went out again, so i made another apt. if its not handled this time i am callin my lemon law atty that helped me out with me with my mustang 3 years ago...mike
hmm - I tried another dealer before. They replaced the motor but then the sunroof didn't shut all the way and you could hear the air blowing in. Brought it back to my local dealer, and they replaced the control module. I have a long history on sunroof repairs on my SRX, including creaking and popping noises. After numerous visits the only remaining issue is the roof going into reverse.

I am concerned to hear miketrapper's issues on the 07 since I was considering getting an '07 or '08 some time early next year - you would think that most issues on the SRX should be sorted out by now ...
My roof exhibited all these problems, however the automatic reversing thing was fixed in the first visit and never returned.

If they can't fix the automatic reverse, they should cover the motor under warranty as it is clearly faulty.

As far as the lemon law, make sure it happens before 18000 miles or 18 months!
I experience the auto reverse as well. Only when parked though. When driving it works just fine. I am afraid to take it in because it is currently rattle free. So I can either just hold the button down till it closes or take
a chance having it looked at, and getting a rattle trap back. hmmmmmmm
I experience the auto reverse as well. Only when parked though. When driving it works just fine. I am afraid to take it in because it is currently rattle free. So I can either just hold the button down till it closes or take
a chance having it looked at, and getting a rattle trap back. hmmmmmmm

I have the same dilemna... Not a rattle or squeak - want it to stay that way. On a positive note, my pointer finger on my right hand is really looking buff and cut from the workout (holding the button down).
So I am going to use this topic to give a little "do it yourself" advice about what I have experience with my roof.

First of all my climate.
California climate (50-90 degrees but mostly 60F all the time) and Garaged.

I have had my roof serviced twice (taken off and retorqued)
The first time it was popping loud when the body went off centered (climbing a hill one tire at a time). This meant the roof was slapping against the support when the body was off center. I had the roof removed and all bolts retorqued. This fixed the squeaking/popping for a period of three months.

The squeaking came back. I had the roof retorqued again (so the tell me) and it did not fix the problem . I think there are two sources of squeaking. One source being the misalignment of the roof against the tracks it sits in, and the number one source is it resting improperly with the plastic shield and screen that it rests upon when fully closed.

I think the source is the windscreen getting improperly sandwiched in place upon full seating.

My solution was to slightly flick the roof open switch, towards the open position until the roof slightly opens, ever so slightly. I mean it has to be the quickest flick you ever did of a switch in your life, but it will respond to this type of flick. I roll my thumb over it really fast, giving pressure to the rear of the switch real quick before disengaging. You will hear it audibly respond, however sometimes the best position you will barely hear. You have to balance the degree at which you slightly open the roof VS. excessive highway speed wind noise. When you slightly open the roof, you slightly move the plastic piece out of place, and that piece catches extra wind. You can play with it so that you have the minimal amount of wind noise and no squeak, which i prefer. I would rather have a tiny bit more wind, than that squeaking around town all the time.

Now here is the other part of the solution. If you find a perfect balance between wind noise and no squeak (which removes pressure on the windscreen) I believe that over time if you keep it in this position(with heat and relaxation) it puts either the weatherstripping or windscreen back in the original state, allowing you to eventually close it fully without any squeaking at all!!!!! A final fix, however this is not, over time (mine lasted like this for about 2 months with fully compressed and no squeak) it will come back.

How long the process takes, I don't know. But its worth a shot if the squeaking drives you CRAZY. Also, I am positive that my roof doesn't leak with this slight adjustment but yours could if it is a bit too open, so make sure you keep and eye on it in the rain. And as far as freezing cold or super hot, its anyones guess.

I hope this even helps anyone, it keeps me staying calm.
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Thanks - that helped me a lot. Mine has NEVER squeaked at all. They are not touching it.
I'll remember your advice for the time when the warranty is gone. For now it's back to the dealer for the 3rd time on Monday.:rant2:
Mine is in to get fixed now (just auto-reverse problem, no squeaks or rattles). They mentioned "re-programming" the roof. Has anyone had an issue with them doing this? I remember someone having a problem with the roof not opening fully after a "re-program".
There is a procedure that re-syncs the shade and the sunroof. I did it once and I believe it also sets the limits and stops. It could correct the problem.
My issue with the sunroof going into reverse has been fixed by replacing the motor. However, I now have significantly more creaking noises than before. Will need to bring the car back again.

I agree with all of you who don't have work done on the ultraview for minor issues. Better to live with minor issues than getting creaking noises. Drives me up the wall!
Had the car for the roof noises at the dealer five times.
Last one took over a week. Had the whole roof assembly replaced - rails, two motors, etc. No noise now and everything working right.
The dealer told me that "there is some noise to those roofs" I guess to make me think twice before bringing it back with a minor issue like that :confused:

I wonder if the sales people tell that to prospective buyers :thehand:

just a little sarcasm :bouncy:

Love the car regardless
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