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Ultaview Problems Long

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We purchased a SRX V6 05 in July. We lost the autoreturn feature on the roof, we had no other problems. My wife brought the car to the dealer for repair, 9 days later we got it back. The roof chatered severly on open & closing and only opened 19 in from the edge of the roof to the front interior trim when fully opened. This was much less then it was before repair. The dealer said the chattering would go away with use & that it opened less do to a software modification to let the onstar function better. He said they had to change the roof motor & reprogram the car. The next day the roof wouldn't open more than a few inches & I had to push the roof to close it. While driving my ABS & Traction Control warning lights went on & the Radio readout said service was neeeded for both systems. I stopped the car restarted it & the warning lights we off. I called onstar the car had no codes. Ten minutes later the lights were on again. I called onstar they said the car was showing code P0318 and needed to be serviced. When I stopped the car & restarted the lights were gone. The dealer has my car, I hope it comes back sound. If any one has any input it would be appreciated. Also could someone let me know the measurement of how much their roof opens the dealer is trying to tell me 19 inches is normal. We contacted Cadillac & they wont give me a straight answer as to how much the roof should open.
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Sounds like its time for a new dealer, I call BULLS***!
My input....Tell the dealer to go get bent, he is full of you know what! Ask to see the TSB that states the roof opens 19 inches. The roof fully opens. Is this a Chevy dealer or stand alone Cadillac? Do a search because someone else had a fix for resetting the auto closure feature, it has to do with holding two of the buttons down at the same time. That wont help you now though, you have to unfix his screw up. I would also post his name here to warn us of his game.
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