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UK RHD Seville STS - What did they change from yours?

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I have a RHD UK Spec 2000 model Cadillac Seville STS. They sold these cars new over here between 1998 and 2001(?)
I'm curious as to what they changed for the UK market (obviously the steering wheel is on the other side, hehe!!!)

I'd especially like to know as UK specific parts are very expensive, I'm told a steering rack is $1,700, and I just paid $450 for the drivers door mirror glass (yes just the glass). I paid $190 for a replacement drivers door speaker and I'm told the BOSE CD/Cassette radio is $1,500
So obviously I'd like to buy the parts that are common to the US ones wherever I can because I'll save loads!

I'll snap some better pictures in the next few days, but here's what I have for now, what can you spot (are the mirrors the same shape for example, what about the front grille or the dash controls)?
My lights are controlled by the upper column stalk you can see (wipers are on other side) and the cruise is the lower lever. The 2 buttons near the keys are the front and rear fog lights.
Are the rear lights and badges the same?
Is the Cadillac badge on the front grille coloured on US ones?
Is the power socket in the passenger side footwell in yours?



Rear (not my car but looks identical):
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I'm no expert but I know the headlights are different between RHD and LHD cars. This is true of any conversion.
I'd also bet the wiring harness is different but I'm not sure.
You should visit and send them an E-mail for pricing on something such as the radio. Just specify you have a RHD vehicle. More than likely the Parts Catolog will have a RHD description for all parts that it would be different for. I know ford does that. But they would be able to tell you either way.

One difference I notice, though, is the markers llights on the front fenders. As required by UK spec. I actually likes those, though. Wish my car had them.
Interesting I didn't think they did RHD parts.

It's wierd, I hate the fender mounted indicators!
I also hate the fact that we have to have amber rear turn signals whereas you guys get cool flashing red ones.
Is the headlamp switch on the dash on lhd ones, you know, like a pull switch?
This is the first american car I've driven that has it on the stalk UK style so I guessed maybe that was different?
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