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pjm said:
Hello Tony,

Thanx for your insight; you were correct.

The problem may have been that I had rain-sense on and didn't know it; this kept the "headlights on" even during bright daylight.

I experimented by turning rainsense on during a dry and bright sunny day. Immediately, the windshield was swiped once by the wipers, then they went to rest, but a few seconds later, the "lights on" indication appeared on the dashboard.

As soon as I moved the wiper-controlling steering column stalk (lever) to off (one click down), the "lights on" indicator turned off.

Thank you again, for saving me an inconvenient trip to the dealership, where they probably would have spent a day dismantling my car trying to find and fix the problem.
That's a really cool feature by the way. Another thing that will happen is if you have the Twilight Sentinal turned off, and the wipers are on more than 6 seconds, the "Headlamps Suggested" message appears in the information center. The first time this happened I was scratching my bald head thinking "how the heck does it know that?" :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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