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My name is Lillo Svedin, from Sweden.
A friend of mine bought and imported a 1993 Seville from USA to Sweden.
And now she bought tailights with orange turninglight.
How do I do to make the turningligt to work separate from brakelights???? do I have to connect a new relay, and a separte wire/cable for the turninlight???
'cause now, the turninglight goes on when she brakes, and the brakelight goes on when she turns....Hm...funny...*smiles*

Happy for an solution from anyone here on this forum..

Where do I get a wireingdiagram??...

Lillo Svedin
Uppsala, Sweden.

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You definitely need diagram. Most guys here are from US and I dont believe, that they ever need to do this kind of work :eyebrow:
Wiring diagrams are in Haynes and in Chilton manuals - i think, you must buy one (its useful for most problems in your car).


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May be able to help...

Hi Lillo,

I'm assuming you have to change the tailights/turn signals to orange because of your standards there? I have a Chilton manual like Vanaisa spoke of. I would gladly scan the images in of the schematics for your car if you like. I can email them to you if you send me a message at my Email address... [email protected]

I recently bought a 93 Eldorado that had a lot of electrical problems, so I'm learning a lot! ;) I would be glad to help another Swede! Actually I am only 1/2 Swedish... with a little Norwegian and Finnish for good measure! :p

Dave Carlson
Cedarburg, Wisconsin

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It would be best to go ahead and get a Factory service manual... It will come in handy from time to time, and is just cool to look how the car is put together!

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Euro export lamps

Yeah.....seen this on another caddy site. Some euro states require the orange turn signal lamp. If your in GB and import a Germany car you basically have to swap the taillights. The orange export lamps are very, very rare and are about $200US each.

Here is a link to a picture of the export lamps. They have the orange corner lamps. They also do not have the horizonal painted feature lines that every one in the US is use to.

As for the conversion. The export cars do use a export only harness. Your best best would be to get a Helm issued factory service manual. It does have the export harness diagram. The other books available are considered to be a joke.

The Helm books can often be found on eBay. Search for 'cadillac seville'. The can also be bought at . They are worth every penny.

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