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Turn Signal Glitch

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I'm having a problem with my turn signal dash light. The right turn signal dash light stays semi-illuminated when its off. When I turn the signal on, it works fine but when it turns off the light on the dash doesnt fully go out. Now I assume that there is a bad ground somewhere and its preventing all the voltage from leaving the circuit, but where should I start to look.
I guess its not a real problem but it is very annoying at nightime. Ill turn my signal off , and the light stays parcially lit. btw Its not affecting the actual signal lamp, just the dashlight.
:confused: Any help would be great.:confused:
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What happens when you set the dash light illumination to fully down, almost off ? Or when it's fully on...

I know that since I have mine set a low as possible (old night time boating trick... the darker it is on the bridge the easier it is to see at sea... anyway)... I have my dash illumination as low as possible, maybe a tick higher than full down....

I suggest looking or trying this to see if you are getting light bleed through... for another dash light that may be on it's way out.
I have the same "issue," just with my left blinker display. I assumed it was just light bleeding through.

As Resilient suggested, I changed the dimmer dial from max to min, and the light was no longer illuminating. I turned the dial back up to full, and it re-lit.

I figured it out, When i had check the front turn signal bulb, it appeard to be fine because the filiment was still in tack. The bulb had melted right at the base where it plugs in. I cleand the contacts on the connector because it was chared and put in a new bulb, and its back to normal.
I have the same problem.

Do you mean the signal bulb in the headlight housing?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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