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Can somebody shed some light on my problem. Recently my "side marker light" (the ones on the sides of the bumper) bulb burnt on the driver side. I purchased new bulbs and replaced both sides.

Now my dash is still showing that the bulb is burnt... fash turn signal, left signal lit up when headlights are one etc...

When I put the parking lights or headlights on, the bulb is very dim and hardly lit compared to the other side. It's obviously getting some power for it does light up, but I checked the fuses anyways and they were fine.

I disconnected the driver and passenger side socket with bulbs still attached and swapped them. The one from the driver side now works on the passenger side, and the passenger side works is not working properly on the driver side.. so this rules out the bulb or bulb socket that is causing the problem.

It's either the connector or the wires itself from the driver side? I tried wiggling the wire around around but it doesn't help. Could it be the "flasher relay"???? Both bulbs work properly when I put the "hazard" lights on, but when I use the left (driver side) turn signal, it flashes fast as if the bulb is burnt! I checked all bulbs in the rear as well and they are all working.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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