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Turbo 400 rebuild price check...

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A friend of mine who owns a trans shop told me he'll rebuild my Turbo 400 with all quality parts for $600 including fluid seals, gaskets, etc.... Does this sound like a good price? I know I can buy a crate trans in the mid teens.
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I think it sounds fair. I assume that's not installed. I priced one a couple years ago at a national chain rebuild shop and I think they told me it was $700-$800. I think I would trust a friend that owns a trans shop more. I have never worn out a turbo 400 in my life. How many miles is on yours?
128K. It runs fine, but I wanted to freshen it up since I've rebuilt everything else in the car. Sometimes there'e a delay when it's cold and I shift to reverse.
That's not a lot of miles for a th400. I would just change the fluid and filter and run it another 100,000. I wouldn't worry about the delay unless it was more than 4 or 5 seconds.
That's the first thing I did, and than I threw in some Lucas treatment. I've been taking the car on long trips recently and have been hearing some strange noises from the trans...I just don't trust it.
I guess peace of mind is worth something and $600 isn't a lot. FWIW I still have my first th400 that I got in high school 25 years ago. My Seville and Coupe both have over 200,000 on them with no sign of trouble yet. I knew a guy that had a VERY heavy step van full of tools and he would actually wear out th400's so I know they can wear out. Peace.
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