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Tune up part number assistance

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Hey all, pretty new hear, but i do read alot of the threads. I am doing a tune up next weekend, and thought this would be a little simpler to find info then it is. Hopefully someone
can help me.

I have a 2006 Escalade 6.0 and plan on doing plugs/wires and changing the serpentine and AC belt. But, i keep finding conflicting info when it comes to parts numbers. Since I was
ordering them online, I wanted to make sure I had the correct info.

First off, when looking up the serpentine belt I have found various sizes, 94" 93.5" 93" and 92.25", how on earth until I pull it out can I tell what size to go with? I was planning on
ordering a Gatorback for each, but does anyone have which part number I exactly need? Summit Racing has so many sizes, and they all "fit". I also looked up the Dayco belt from my local
Advance Auto, and same thing. 2 different sized belts. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, i was going to use AC Delco plugs and wires, to keep them stock however what plugs are everyone running? I'm able to get the AC Delco Double Platinum for around $6 a plug,
but wanted to get some opinions on those.

Lastly, I see that the wires have to concede with the coils numbers, is this correct? Where do I find these numbers on the coils?

Thanks for all the help with this, and thanks for such a great forum
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There is two belts on these trucks
One is the main belt(it does water pump, power steering and the alternator)
The other is a smaller belt and is just for the ac compressor

Ac delco is the factory and is best

Not sure on the wires as I didn't need to replace mine when I changed my plugs but they are different lengths depending on the coil packs
Cadillac Man - Thanks, yes 2 belts, but the main serpentine belt, what is the exact part number. The length varies from 94" to 92.25"


After some more hardcore research I was able to answer my last 2 questions, but still stuck on which Gatorback belt to buy
Let me look and see if I still have the package mine came in and I can give you the number from
The serpentine belt depends on which alternator your truck has.
Silver04 said:
The serpentine belt depends on which alternator your truck has.
It's the 6.0 so my belts part number would match his
@cadillac man-There are alternator options (105A and 145A) on the 6.0L that determine serp belt length.
My 02 EXT has two also. Most of the time the belt will have the part number on it. Just bump it around until you can read it. Different alternators have different size pulleys.
Silver04 said:
@cadillac man-There are alternator options (105A and 145A) on the 6.0L that determine serp belt length.

I have the 145A alternator

My dealer told me there was one alternator size for the 6.0 in the escalade as the lower output one is for the other trucks with the same engine
Theres alot of room to take up slack on the belt tensioner, i went from stock alternator to an under driven (smaller pulley) 250amp and didn't need to change the belt
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