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Tune out shift light

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Quick question for those with the AY6 transmission. Is it possible to tune out or otherwise disable the stupid shift light in the instrument panel? I find it very annoying. And before anyone suggests it - I am not going to pull the bulb like I did with the check engine light in my '87 Camaro in high school :rolleyes:
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It can be taken out in the tune I believe. It's coming from the ECU so that would be the only other way. I have the AY6 as well.

Does yours grind through the gears by chance? I believe my bushings might be toast but the previous owner claimed he had a new shifter put in, although that doesn't mean the replaced the bushings.
The Camaro 5 forum is generally the best source for info on the AY6 as well as some of the Holden car forums. It's a rarity in the CTS for sure, the manual was offered more in the gen 1 AFAIK, they had a sport model that came with it as well as the V.

Possibly the throwout bearing?

The biggest issue the transmission has is the dual mass flywheel and crappy clutch. You can go with a RAM, Monster or Spec and convert it to a single mass flywheel. I think the RAM is the cheapest option, but they're all still intensely expensive. Anything Camaro 3.6 will fit our cars.

You have a few options I know of:

Spec: - stage 2, I think it goes up to stage 5
No throwout bearing with this I belive


They're definitely not giving this crap away, but it converts it to a billet single mass flywheel which is a wonderful thing compared to the DMF.

Running Royal Purple will calm things down a bit as well so keep that in mind.
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