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Hi guys, I'm going to do some sewing to repair a couple split seams in my leather driver's seat. I have a plan for that.
I also want to fix some seat button stuff: One popped out, and most are sun faded. I don't have a plan for the buttons and could use some advice.

Split seams aren't that bad, but I want to stop them from getting any worse. Please see attached:

IMG_2694_zpsjnt8ktth by scottcelder, on Flickr

I have small curved needles, heavy polyester thread, ebay-bought cheapo surgical forceps (made in Pakistan), and some thin Ripstop adhesive tape for sails.

Plan is: reinforce the leather with small strips of Ripstop tape, underneath; wax the thread and stitch them up with a baseball stitch. Plan seems sound, but we'll see...

Buttons. Please see below:

IMG_2695_zpsdi1njae8 by scottcelder, on Flickr

In good light, the buttons appear more sun faded than that. I have the missing button, but it's in the trunk now. It looks like this, with a loop:

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 1.00.58 PM by scottcelder, on Flickr

By the way, I have since cleaned the leather with Lexol and cleaned the crud out of the holes with Q-Tips.

Here's what the seats look like from the bottom (example photo taken from an ebay listing):

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 12.47.57 PM by scottcelder, on Flickr

1) See any problems with my leather sewing plan? Any tips from someone with experience?
2) How do I sew that button on? I think with fancy tufted leather chairs, the buttons are pulled tight from the inside to create the indentations. Based on that ebay photo, the buttons aren't stitched all the way through the foam. No idea how they create the indents.
3) How do I re-color the buttons? Model paint, small brush, great care and painter's tape?

Thanks a lot.

p.s. Bonus question:
4) How do I re-color the cracking in the red leather? Don't want to stain my clothes.
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