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Trying to get rid off history codes need assistance

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ok so i have a 95 eldorado and have just replaced the motor.

i have the folowing codes in the HISTORY:

P012-------no distributor signal????
P019-------shorted fuel pump circuit
P047-------IPC - PCM data problem
P058-------PASSKey control problem
P074-------Intermittent MAT signal
P083-------Crankshaft to ignition module failure
P107-------PCM/BCM data link problem
P137-------Loss of TCS data
i034---------loss of PCM data
i052---------keep alive mem error

first of all i dont have a distributor so thats wierd...but the main thing im trying to do is to get these codes out of the car intirely. the symptoms i have are as follows:
when under min. acceleration the car will buck once, sort of fall on its face and pick up again with full power, when this happens the SES light will blink once. the car starts with it on so it turns off then on.

i thkn most of the loss in data problems could have been attributed to a ground that might have not been put back in the right place?

the car starts runs and drives strong other than that is there a way to get rid of these history codes? any known fixes? there are no current DTC's but i really would like to get this SES light to turn off

any help is greatly appreciated

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Check this link for info. If you have disconnected the battery, multiple codes will set. Follow the link and erase all codes and then check for any codes that reset. Good luck! (96 and before are On Board Diagnostic I and post 96 are OBD II)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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