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Ok so i heard a buzzing sound coming from my trunk when my 1996 seville sts was off after i had parked, naturally I popped the trunk to see what was going on... bad idea. Because when i went to shut it again the pull down wouldnt come back up, i took the motor apart and found that 3-4 of the plastic gears had been sheared off. so after two hours of pulling apart motor parts off my 89 devilles pull down i put it in and nothing. initially i figured the switch might be to blame so the next day i went to the dealership spent a $20 put the new switch in and again nada. ok so maybe its the relay i went up to murrays thats partsamerica if your not in the midwest. spent $15 on a relay popped it in, opened and shut the trunk and yet again nothing. Checked my fuses and none are at fault that i can see. Now i put my 89 devilles motor in and nothing but it started to heat up so i figured this was a bad idea and pulled it. anyone have any ideas I'm fresh out and lost not wanting to drop the dealership $350 for a whole new unit.:confused: :confused: :confused:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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