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Trunk won't open

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I installed a new emblem over the trunk lock this weekend. To do this I had to remove the the trunk mechanism off the the trunk lid. Anyways I got it all put together and tried closing the lid and noticed the trunk lid got pulled down slightly farther than normal. No biggie, I'll just adjust the latch a little and all will be good. I put my key in the trunk lid and it makes a slight click when I turn the key, but it won't open at all. It's almost like the pull down motor has it's teeth sunk into it and won't let go. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Jeff, thanks for the advice, but I tried that already. Is it possible on broughams to get into the trunk through the back seat? Unfortunately broughams have the longest trunk known to man
Thanks for all of your advice everybody. I tried everything and nothing would work. The trunk release button in the glove box has never worked since I've owned the car. So any solutions on that one would be appreciated. I even removed the switch and tried jumping the wires with no luck. I know the fuse isn't popped either because the same fuse controls other things in the car. Anyways, I decided to remove the rear seat and see just how small this opening is. Cadillac Kevin was right. It's big enough for a small child. So I asked my 8 year old son for a little help. He was very apprehensive about climbing in there. Nothing a little money bribe couldn't fix. So he sucked it up and I helped him crawl into the hole. I handed him the socket wrench and a flashlight and away he went. 10 minutes later and a few rest breaks he removed all the bolts and up popped the trunk. What a life saver. I wish I would have snapped a picture when he was in there. Again any ideas on the trunk popper from the glove box and how to get that working would be appreciated.
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