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Trunk won't open

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I installed a new emblem over the trunk lock this weekend. To do this I had to remove the the trunk mechanism off the the trunk lid. Anyways I got it all put together and tried closing the lid and noticed the trunk lid got pulled down slightly farther than normal. No biggie, I'll just adjust the latch a little and all will be good. I put my key in the trunk lid and it makes a slight click when I turn the key, but it won't open at all. It's almost like the pull down motor has it's teeth sunk into it and won't let go. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Jeff, thanks for the advice, but I tried that already. Is it possible on broughams to get into the trunk through the back seat? Unfortunately broughams have the longest trunk known to man
You have to remove the seat bottom and back. Requires a T50 torx (I think). You won't fit through the holes though. A small child will.
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