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Trunk Organizers / Organization: Pictures Please !

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I know this a little odd...but I plan on carrying a lot of car-care products , First Aid kit , road flares , emergency blankets etc. Wanting to be organized and secure while whipping around in the V. What have you guys done in terms of Boxes , Trunks , Containers mounted in the Trunk?

I did a quick ebay/amazon search and got mostly crap. Anyone done anything cool in this regard?
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I've come up with a few options (won't work for me...but maybe you?) since my initial post : Cadillac GM Cadillac Logo Cargo Organizer - 20992615: Automotive - A Cadillac branded trunk for $ 120.00 - Now this thing is trick ! Don't see one for specifically for the V .... and I'm using a full size spare anyway.

And there's AAIIC's suggestion as well.

I think I'm going with a plastic box. I'll measure the distance between the tie-off knobs located on the trunk floor. I believe these have a threaded stud under the plastic knob. I'll punch a hole(s) in the bottom of the box and set the box over those studs , nut and washer it to secure to floor.

I'll post up pics when done...
I wanted that trunk mat (to match floor mats) but the price drove me off. It's damn nice though....

Grocery store is walking distance for me , but extra oil , serp belt spare , car care products , paper towels , cloth rags , basic tools , First Aid kit , road flares , can of Quick-Air , blanket etc. have to be secured somehow.

BTW TST_Brah ..... you don't happen to be the Raven V1 I see blasting through the Traffic Circle and up Lakewood Blvd most evenings are you ?
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